Major Solutions



MKGCS provides IT solutions with its staff of experts in application design, system integration and network security.  We specialize in building web-based applications to solve real world mission critical challenges!

Team Effort

We believe the only effective and efficient way to build customized applications for a critical process is to work very closely with the customer.  We use a unique teaming technique whereby MKGCS partners with its clients and works closely with the client’s functional experts to build systems that work right from the start. We don't gather requirements and then leave to spend six to twelve months building a solution off site only to find that either the requirements were not correct or the requirements have changed.  Close shoulder-to-shoulder coordination with the client is the key.  We study your process, learn it inside and out from your experts and get their input throughout the entire process.

Rapid Development

We also practice Extreme/Agile Programming Development which is a type of Agile Software Development which advocates frequent “releases” in short development cycles. We rapidly produce prototype applications and continuously refine and evolve the code, often producing one or more significant application "builds" in a week.  We allow the client to elect to place these prototypes in limited production for beta testing for expert reviews or even place the prototypes in live production if the value added by the application offsets the risks of early deployment.

Application Solutions as a Service, not a Product

Rather than sell our clients software or licenses, we use open source or industry standard application development tools and programming languages, leveraging our clients' existing or preferred proprietary technology (such as Microsoft, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) investments. Our customized applications remain the property of our client - we provide expert software as a service, which is more economical to the client than expensive proprietary licenses. You pay for our services to design, build and maintain your applications, but you are not committed to a platform or system - and you decide how much of our services you need. For new, large projects, we will support you with the right amount of resources (developers, engineers, database administrators, etc.) needed to meet your project scope and timelines. For more mature applications, you may need only maintenance or migration/extension services, making your long term cost much lower than through typical annual licensing agreements.

Special Operating Environments

To support our government clients special needs, our staff maintains Department of Defense security clearances that allow us to provide a full range of support from unclassified, public systems to restricted domains and even to classified, highly restricted systems.

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