Major Applications

Welcome to the MKGCS website

MKGCS is the premier software development company for advanced, large scale
mission critical systems for commercial and government applications. Our teams
of experienced professionals develop custom software and process solutions to
meet the most demanding situations . Our staff of experts in application design, system
integration and network security provide IT solutions that are on target for today
and tomorrow.

Who We Are

MKGCS is a small, agile and customer focused software development company.
We specialize in providing web-based applications and data interfaces that
allow large organizations to update and access critical information and make
decisions. MKGCS was founded in response to critical data sharing requirements
within the Headquarters, Department of the Army to support the Global War
on Terrorism. Since that time MKGCS has developed a large suite of web-based
software applications that support mission critical classified data and messaging
requirements for thousands of users around the world. MKGCS also provides
continuous on-site support to our clients in the Pentagon, other government
locations and our corporate facilities.